Texas Cheer Allstars

Texas Cheer Allstars, formerly Texas Cutez, has a place for EVERYONE! I had the privilege of spending cheer practice with their amazing special needs team. The team has a total of ten athletes with boys and girls of all ages and abilities. The team does both cheer and dance. I watched their fun routine to “Single Ladies”. It was a wonderful experience watching them perform the part of the routine they had already learned, and then to watch how quickly they picked up the new steps. The coaches’ goal is to get the special needs athletes to perform the routine with full independence, and from my observations, they aren’t far from it. These athletes are being challenged to show their full potential and having a blast while doing so. They have to be on spot and ready for competition.

This team practices once a week and a lot of the athletes participate in private lessons.

Angela Harvard Patton, owner and head coach of Texas Cheer Allstars,  holds a Ph.D in Special Education Leadership and started the cheer program in 2006. She has experience in teaching individuals with special needs in both the school setting and cheer setting. On a personal note, in 2009 I was hired in the middle of the school year for my first teaching job. I was completely lost and needed someone to help me get started. Angela became my mentor and really helped me get through that difficult first year of teaching. Through our work together, I was able to see how passionate her heart is for the special needs population.

The environment at the gym felt very inclusive and family friendly. My experience there was wonderful!

Thank you for making Texas Cheer Allstars inclusive and inviting to Everyone!!!

If you are interested in the program please visit Texas Cheer Allstars (click for link).

“Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion. ” 
― Martha Graham



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