The Shoebox

Throughout my years as a special education teacher I have had several high school students that were unable to tie their own shoes or really anything that required tying.

Even though there are alternates to shoe strings and cool looking slip on shoes for adults I still feel that my students should work on the fine motor skills that are required for tying shoes.

I found this idea on Pinterest (I find a lot of ideas on there), and would like to share it with parents, caregivers, and other teachers who work with anyone that may benefit from this.



Shoebox with lid (or you can just use the bottom of a shoe box)

1 shoe string


hole punch

Cut out a rectangle in the shoebox lid. Punch holes on the outside of the rectangle where you will be lacing the shoe string (I punched 4 holes on each side). Lace in your strings and practice practice practice using whatever method you like best.

I pull up a video on youtube for my students to watch and then we practice together. I would recommend buying the “stiffer” shoestrings because they hold the loop better making it easier for tying.






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